You have rights, and the right to peace of mind. Under federal law you have the right to sue for harrassment.

When you tell a debt collector not to call back and they do, they have broken the law. Get an attorney and sue. No cost to you. Google Bud Hibbs website and the ABC Night Line report titled "Debt Collectors Gone Wild" New laws have been enacted in response to Debt Collections Abuse.

Know your rights. Some debt collectors obey the laws and several these days clearly do not. If you are a debtor or a non debtor third party being threatened understand your rights and get a lawyer.

Rogue debt collectors count on you ignoring or not knowing your rights and what you can do. Before you initiate any legal action with an attorney it is wise to file complaints with your state attorney and the FTC online.

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We know you work for NCO, your posting from Horsham PA, that's where they are headquartered. I can only assume you willfully chose not to acknowledge what the poster above laid out in clear terms.Let me try and educate you for a second time seeing as how reading comprehension fails you (need more schooling huh?) YOUR COMPANY IS BREAKING THE LAW BY FOLLOWING THESE PRACTICES AFTER BEING TOLD TO CEASE AND DESIST.

YOU AND YOUR *** COMPANY CAN GO TAKE A FLYING LEAP IN THE CLOSEST LAKE. There, I do hope that cleared things up a bit for you, have a great day :)


first off, if your recieving a letter from a collection agency maybe you should call them with the reference number located on the letter they sent you-inquire about your debt-no use sitting there and complaining about getting phone calls for a debt you owe.regardless of your financial situation you signed up for ( cable , internet, home phone) whatever it may be. if you didnt have the money in the first place, you shouldnt have signed up for something you couldnt afford.collections isnt something you want to fu** with - as they determine your credit rating-if you have items in collections-just pay them and stop complaining about getting calls- if you paid them in the first place NCO wouldnt be calling you...

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