they never contacted me (lucky me from what i read) they just showed up on my credit report in Oct. 2008 with a collection that is OVER 6 years old.

I never even knew i had a collection out there. And if this is the same collection i think it is..it was paid in full back in 2005 to a different collection agency..

This has caused 1 credit card i have to close my account due to this negative on my credit report. and dropped my credit score by a large number.

I have failed a FTC complaint you all should to

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The same thing happened to me. A medical bill from about 4 years ago popped up on my credit as failed to pay.

It was for 76.00! I could of swarn I had paid this a long time ago. My score dropped 100pts! Do these collectors just sell the same collection repeatedly?

Even though they had been paid in full?

What a headache. It is corrupt!!!


Debt on the CBR remains for a period of 7-10 years. If the first agency failed to report it correctly or file the necessary paperwork to show the account closed, then you will need to retrieve your paid statement and request the first agency to correct the information.

Send copies of each both collection agencies, your proof the claim is satisfied / request that your CBR be updated with this information via fedex, ups, or registered mail. You will want to have record that they had received the information, the signature will be your proof that they had received the information.


Do contact your State "Attorney General Office" or even look at their website. In the state of W.V.

many of these collection agencies are forbidden to make contact or conduct business in my state. If they do, and your State's 'Attorney General' has also forbidden NCO in your state, "DO" record the conversation, keep all written collection letters, etc... and provide them to your state Attorney General!

In the state of W.V. the Attorney General Loves going after this type of ***!

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