After reading other complaints on this site, there was no way I was paying NCO over the phone. I called 4 times trying to get a new letter mailed to me (I threw the last one away) so I can get the Access Code needed to gain entry to their website, and after refusing to give them my SSN was hung up on every time...

I'm trying to get my debt paid so I can move and purchase a house and they're making hard to pay them when obviously they harass the same people multiple times a day? I don't get it.

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And how did you pay it? I try and I'm not able too...


I came come to a collections letter from NCO Financial tonight. It was past their close time, so I wasn't able to call them.

They start the letter with

"NCO Financial Servies Inc.

is a a member of the credit bureau."

And followed with.

"paid to the office listed below in 10 days"

of course the letter is dated 8 days ago. From the look of it, they want me to send a signed check in the mail to them when I have no idea who they are. The bill is from FedEx... Who knows what package in the last 6 months this was for?

I think I could send this exact letter to a 100 people and get paid by 50, because their is a good chance 50% of people received something in the mail that could have been FedEx or UPS or whatever... So i'm not up for sending checks through the mail. Especially since I have 2 days?!?!?!!? to pay them...

So I went to their website. I read their "registration tips... http://screencast.com/t/46G3xj1sgW3 Did everything they said.. Tried putting in my registration code 10 times...

But nope... each time it rejected... I am trying to pay them, even though I have no idea what I am paying them for, but they still don't let me. That is a joke....

Please everyone, call and write to your Attorney General. Companies like this need to explain the debt, and offer a proper selection of ways to pay it. They have wasted so much of my time and have ruined my night. It is terrible that we allow companies like this to have such a negative and inefficient affect.

What a joke... Now I need to deal with this tomorrow and likely ruin my morning...

to Terrible For The World #1147120

I am experiencing the exact same problem!! The number they gave me to sigh in or whatever keeps coming back as invalid, they want payment but how???

Can't pay through my bank, with debit, or credit, wth is going on with this place. Mine is also from Federal Express.

to Anonymous Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1239721

Exact same thing. Apparent debt from fedex - but for what and when?

I always pay shipping when I order anything online, so I shouldn't have anything owed. Access code doesn't work, and it's saturday so they aren't answering the phone. They couldn't make it more inconvenient or frustrating to try to pay - and for a debt I'm not sure I even owe. Ridiculous.

One more thing - my botice also says to pay within 10 days, but the notice isn't dated. So 10 days from when?


My experience with NCO has been one of great displeasure.

I called them WILLINGLY after printing a credit report, because I found an old bill that I hadn't paid off that NCO had purchased. It was under $100 and was from an old auto insurance policy, at least two years ago.

The first three representatives I talked to had very thick accents and were very difficult to understand.

They wanted to find my account based on my social security number, which I was unwilling to provide over the phone. The first guy gave me attitude and I hung up on him, only to call back and get a different representative. She was able to look me up by name - what a plus.

Then she wanted me to pay. I have the money available, which is why I called, and I was more than willing. But since they answer the phone with "this call will be monitored and recorded" before even saying their NAME, I was not about to give my credit card number over the phone.

She was happy to set me up with an online access code for their super-duper exclusive website that's way too complicated for it's own good. I was happy to write it down, though it was 15 alphanumeric characters long.

Then I hang up and log on, only to find out that the access code doesn't work. It's invalid.

So I called the number listed on the website, for troubleshooting access code information. They promptly told me I had the wrong number, but transferred me...To a representative in the same department as before, who promptly hung up on me when I explained my situation.

So I call again, and get a new representative. By now, my name is all over the office (apparently) because after explaining the situation, he knew who I was. By name. Both first and last. I asked how he knew, and he said he had caller ID.

It didn't dawn on me until after I hung up with him - I was calling from a land line that isn't in my name. There's no way he got my name from a caller ID. So they had to have been discussing this amongst themselves after I called.

Further, this lovely gentleman gives me attitude and tells me that I need to call later because there's an employee meeting taking place.

HORSE ***. Have your employee meetings on your own time, after hours - when you're open for business, you're on MY time because I'm a customer.

So I hang up. And I call back, hoping to get someone ELSE (and hopefully someone competent).

Fail. The next gentleman is happy to put me on hold when I request a supervisor. He says I will have to wait because of the meeting. I say that I'm willing, and I end up waiting for about 10 minutes before the line cuts out and I get the operator - someone hung up on me AGAIN.

At this point, I'm IRATE. But I need to pay this bill and, after all of this inconvenience, I'm determined to get the balance cut for my troubles.

I call again and finally I get a supervisor. And she's American. And she's professional. And I'm so, so relieved.

Until she tells me she doesn't have access to the type of account I have. So she transfers me AGAIN and I get a new person, who is more than willing to tell me over and over how I have the wrong access code and I need to try again.

This time I try with her on the phone, and (obviously) it's the same code and I get the same result - invalid.

She says they'll send me a letter with the code on it - in case I was copying it down wrong. I read it back to her and insist that I have it right.

Reluctantly, I take down a number for a different department that is supposed to deal with compliance and technical issues. So I hang up and call them.

I get another rep who I can't understand, and she reads me the same code. I explain the situation. She tells me that I have to try back tomorrow, because they can only access the website codes two times a day for each account - and since I've had to call about 11 times, I'm maxed out.

It's at this point that I just give up.

When I get my letter, I'm going to call again and tell them (hopefully with just one phone call) that I'm unwilling to pay any more than HALF of the balance due because of my inconveniences.

I'm not sure if it will work, but I am sure of this : this company is full of idiots, and it's a terrible company to deal with. You're better off letting your debt expire after the seven year grace period - clearly it'll take less time than calling and sorting things out.

Good luck to anyone who has to get in touch with these people. Be rude. They deserve it. Make sure you remind them that you in no way endorsed them to purchase your debt.


I wish i can close my acct out but I am just going to have to take all my money out when i get paid every week and pay my bills that way because NCO is ruining my life. And to SMARTass *** person posting *** about " maybe if you all pay your bills NCO would not be after you" Maybe these people paid their bills on time and didnt have issues with paying their bills but then because life being the *** that it is.

they get laid off or their pay gets cut for some reason or something worse to where they are not able to and get behind.

you must work at NCO smartass. this may not be happening to you but when it does then your going to be crying like a baby asking for help smartass or maybe we should rename you ***


NCO is after me for about a thousand bucks. I called them because they said they would take me to court and the lady on the phone told me i had to pay 125 every month.

I'm finally going to be getting a second job working at home that pays very well and will be able to pay it off but the *** didn't tell me she was going to debit my acct every month. soo I got a debit today and screwed me bad because now i don't have money to get to work next week, but that's ok. just going to ask for a refund back to my acct, and pay the fees for it.

but when i get paid every month. I'm taking all my money out so they cant auto draft me again until I can finally get them hoes off my back.


smartass maybe everyone is not as well off as you, my mother we bankrupt and i guess you think its because its her fault dude your an ***.


I actually ended up paying National Grid on-line through my old user name--The SYSTEM accepted my money--National Grid was NOT happy to remove the negative report--As for NCO STILL have never heard from them OR get ANY notation on either of the 3 credit bureaus from NCO, no matter what National Grid claimed.

Simply I TRICKED them into taking the 100.00 money--National Grid NOW OWES NCO based on Contract. I don't!

To smartass: They took money out monthly--for some reason they didNOT on the final bill 4 yrs ago--That's why The DPU decided Monday at the hearing (Lucky Tie I wear) to order them to remove the negative reports.CASE CLOSED!!! I WON, as usual over these Foreign-Owned Billion Dollar Corporations that NOW can spend Unlimited Amounts of money influencing campaigns/elections--The USA will never be the same again. :sigh


To Smartass

For YOUR info I'm now trying to pay a 4 yr old Electric Bill--Getting NOWHERE with phone customer service--I moved AND thought I paid last bill thru auto-debit BUT I guess I didn't--NCO NEVER sent me any letters BUT National Grid says they have it!

Since I noticed it on my credit report OVER A YR AGO from National Grid I've attempted to pay SOMEBODY--NOBODY wants my money!!!

MAYBE YOU can help, smartass!!!


8) you ppl are idiots. You rack up bills...don't pay them for months, sometimes years, then complain about paying a collection company.

that's what they're there for!! Duh If ppl paid their bills when they were due there would be no need for this company to exsist :p ...what you idiots don't realize is they were hired by what ever company you didn't pay in the first place so they already have your personal info and its your own fault. It cracks me up that you rather let your credit go to *** then just pay the company to leave you alone and move on with your life...if you not good enough to pay your bills then your not too good to deal with the collection companies. There I said it, people like you are the reason the economy sucks.

And they need to verify info so they know you are who you say you are and not release your info to some wackjob trying to scam people.

use your *** brain how. How would they look giving a nosey ex husband or wife your information and then they rack up more bills

to smart*** #864916

You're a complete ***. They do collections, but they also service loans and other accounts that are NOT in collections.

Do your homework.

People like you are the reason this country as a whole sucks. Get a life.




Why If you received a account recirtence from NCO legal verification is required NCO must acclimate procedure on there part to contact person listed for verification of party listed also simularity of account info mentioned such as cable etc.may be due to home internet security protections have your utilitys clarify the numberate of connections Jackson Staffing


NCO was calling repeatedly for wrong name. Turns out the debtor's SocSec# had the same last 4 numbers as mine.

Somehow my legit cable account got connected to his & it took 3 calls to 3 supervisors to get a written correction. BUT, they still call & lm for this guy. Whatever!

Don't throw their paperwork away! :upset


you guys are debt collectors if someone else would want to gain access to an account to pay it for them why would you care as long as the debt is paid. some people do not wish to give personal info such as a ssn over the phone.


executioner and Sophia are obviously employees because if you owe nco you already have bad credit , any self respecting criminal is not going to waste their time with your poor credit when they can use your next door neighbor's 800+credit score much easier. Why would someone who was out to ruin you call the collection agency to ruin you some more?

Does not make sense to me there are other things they can verify and honestly if you are trying to pay a bill you are not asking for any personal information so there is no need to verify anything.I work in a call center and deal with customer privacy all day, my company does not care who is calling in to pay as long as the money is there. if account number is needed to make payment,I conference with them and enter myself and then hang up so i do not here customers personal info.

Collection agency is trying to confirm who you are so they can use info against you when they take you to court. that is the first thing they tell you when you call(albeit in a very nice and obscure manner) :grin


i have tried to pay a walmart acct i supposed have there and i paid it off twice now and they have gave me 2 different conformation numbers but nothing has been deducted out of my account and its been over a month starting to wonder if they are a bunch of scammers so i filed a complaint with the bbb as well


NCO is bound by FDCPA and your state laws. Read your laws so that you will be informed.

They have your socials they just need to verify it that is why they are asking for it. They cannot give out socials to people who call in, that might start FRAUD, what if you are not the person they are pulling out in their saystem?

You can always pay your bill online. They just need to verify info before giving out info from their end.


without providing a valid ssn then anyone can recieve access to your account and information and if that happened then im sure you would complain about that too

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