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why do they get away with this? if i didnt have the money 2 hours ago,what makes you think i made it 4 hours from now,becuz they call 4-6x per day,everyday.this is a form of bullying,and they are getting paid to do it,i dont understand,we are not bad people,sumtimes unfortunate things happen in life, i going to be thrown in jail with junkies,rapists,and murderers,because of my financial delema??

i feel like i am being stalked,bullied,harrassed,and i am helpless against my attackers,and there is nowhere to turn.i dont know the statistics,but people cant pay their bills and support their families,sumtimes commit suicide,as an escape cuz they feel they have no other options.

when a bully is repeatedly calling,threatning you,how do these people get away with it?? remember the 80s when the stock market crashed,people were taking their own lifes, we learn from the past,or just keep repeating it??

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There is a limit to how much they are allowed to contact you. Anything above that is considered harassment and some of that might be criminal, not just tort law, meaning the person doing it can receive jail time.

If an agreement was set up on a payment schedule, they have no right to call you at all til you lapse that schedule. Contact an attorney.


NCO financial systems sent us a letter asking what type of payment arrangements we wanted to make so I did set up a schedule. Now I get calls 5 and 6 times a day telling me they want their money NOW and then yell at me like they are part of some MAFIOso group with threats.

What a bunch of jerks!!!!!

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