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Received odd looking Sprint bill in mail. When I called the 800 number, they said I owed money for this Sprint long distance call to Ben Lomond, CA.

I'm in Arizona and don't know anyone in Ben Lomond, CA. Further more I don't have an account with Sprint or long distance service on my landline, the number in question that this supposed call was made from. I even called the Ben Lomond, CA # from my cell, spoke to a very nice woman who said she knows no one in Tucson, AZ and had never received any calls from there. With all this stacked up against this third party billing company for Sprint submitting me a bill, I told them I had no intention of paying!

I've reported this to the USPS mail fraud dept. and also the Arizona Attorney General's Office. So hopefully that will be helpful. In the meantime, I've had a duplicate bill sent, then the phone calls started not identifying who they were just saying to call back and ask for Maxine King.

I called back and was asked for personal info before they would tell me what company they were collecting for. I refused. They kept calling. Finally I called back and was told they were collecting for this Sprint bill.

I told them I had no intention of paying for a bill I didn't rack up! And that I'd reported this whole thing to the above mentioned. Today, I got a notice in the mail from NCO! Haven't heard back from the Attorney General's Office yet.

Maybe I'll call them tomorrow. Anyone out there had similar situation with this company?

Did they ever go away? OY!

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Steubenville, Ohio, United States #803322

SPCs called for my daughter regarding a financial matter. They claimed they were from her former bank.

When I called the number they answered as SPCs financial, and they collected debts. I did some research and found that they did collections for Sprint. When I talked to the rep and confronted him about his lie he denied it. I told him it was illegal to lie as a debt collector.

My entire family is on another company's family plan which has unlimited data, text, and talk minutes. It is an old plan and we are keeping it because these plans no longer exist. I have filed a complaint with the AG. I usually don't answer these , but it's become ridiculous.

Previously the number appeared as Verizon financial.

I've never had this company either. I am tired of these crooks!

Pima, Arizona, United States #747010

Wanted to send update for fake Sprint bill being collected on by NCO financial.

Had reported this scam of a fake Sprint long distance bill being sent to me when I didn't have long distance on my landline, no account with Sprint and didn't know the person call was made to. Reported this to USPS as mail fraud, never heard anything, reported to Arizona State Attorney General, have referred me to attorneys so virtually useless, reported to FTC, never heard anything back form them.

Have spoken to Sprint's fraud dept. & was told couldn't do anything since I don't have account with Sprint, no way to check for fraud. Saturday, made one last call to Sprint customer care & they tried to call the Jacksonville, FL # but were closed. At least they were going to call on my behalf and tell them I owe no $ to Sprint!

I will be calling Sprint customer care back on Monday to see if they can get this company collecting for Sprint off of my back! Will let you know.

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