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I tried to pay a bill through this *** company and they wouldnt let me because i wasnt on the check. My fiance works 12 plus hours a day and the last thing he wants to do is pay bills.

They would not work with me at all.Now im worried that our account info will be hacked into because i had to pay online. It was absolute Terrible service. This company is a joke and rude.

Id much rather talk to an automated service than deal with idiotic people! Obviously he knows that im paying our bills and i just really dont understand what the problem was!

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Sandia Park, New Mexico, United States #118647

They couldn't work with you and let you pay them because they have to follow FDCPA. They cannot disclose to you unless you are married and sometimes not even then depending on the state.

If you don't like it then contact the federal government to change the laws instead of complaining online...all he had to do was call in and give them authorization to talk to you... It sounds to me like NCO respected your fiance's rights...not sure what the problem is...


Unless you are the wife or you are on the check and they have permission to speak to you. NO of course you can't pay on your fiance account!!

Do you know how many problems would arise if NCO or ANY agency just accept a check from someone who is not an authorized user? Seriously? That's a quick way for them to get sued. Plus you fiance has time to make a 5 min call to pay a bill.

What if you weren't with him? Would he just never pay any bills??

Get outta here. You should have told him to take time at lunch and pay the *** bill...


I have worked For NCO before we know that customers do not like the fact that If your significant other is working why you can't pay the bill with there checks. Well it is all company policy cause say someone called in and did that and then we get a call saying that the customer did not allow it then NCO can get sued..

That is why they did that for... I know it sucks but policy is policy.

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