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So here is my situation.I have been receiving phone messages daily from NCO Financial company stating that I have an outstanding debt.

Now this struck me by surprise. It just did not sound right since I always pay my bills on time. Just to make sure, I also checked my credit report. It was verified that I owed nothing and also confirmed there were no late payments.

So what can I do to get them to stop harrassing me with their phone calls? Are they a legitimate company? Is there any way for us consumers to fight back.

I am totally pissed!!!For all I know, they could be involved with identity fraud!

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Ann, you did the right thing.I work for NCO, it can take up to 24 hours (it's usually instant though) by putting a letter next to your phone number that skips it when we are auto dialing.

When we are not auto dialing, we can see that it was an old phone number for the debtor and it will be erased completely when that account comes up again. The problem is the system that we use to get the phone numbers for people never gets updated, so it's always on file.

If the person never reaches nco and the debt is consumed by another agency that uses the same system we do-you'll have to tell them that your not that person and have that you've had that number for years.Easy process, it's just harder to tell people that when they don't answer ;)


I worked for NCO as a patient advocate other wise known as EPALS you will find them in hospitals....after leaving the company i received my last pay check and found they had deducted for my medical, life, dental, vision, 401k, and disablity insurance.over 400.00 to only find out 3 months later they never paid any of my insurances or 401k.

then federal laws states a company has 30 days to sent cobra packet....they waited 90 days to send mine and only after i filed a complaint with the labor board.IF AN EPAL COMES INTO YOUR ROOM AT ANY HOSPITAL RUN LIKE ***....AS THEY USE ALL THE INFORMATION YOU GIVE THEM ON THE COLLECTION AS WELL.

to sheila fritsch Independence, Wisconsin, United States #675593

What goes around comes around. After what you've done to people in your life, such as stalking, harrassing, identity theft, etc. You deserve what negative comes your way.

to anonymous Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1258030

lmao...sorry never stalked anyone or harassed or did identity theft on anyone....but I think I know who this is....

how is the country lock up working for ya.bahahahahahha


I too have been getting harrassed by a bill that has been totally paid in full already from these people. I am sending payment receipts and records via certified mail. Check out for your rights.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #360933

I received a letter from them, as well as some messages on my home and cell phone.The information on the letter did not seem familiar to me, so after researching them on the internet and seeing how many issues people have, I typed up a debt verification letter to send via certified mail.

I happened to answer a call from them on my cell (different number than they usually use), and I informed the guy right away that they would be receiving a letter from me via certified mail in the next couple days. He started accusing me of running away from my obligation and insisting that the only "proper" way to deal with the issue is to talk to him right now. I informed him that I was sending a debt verification letter, requesting proof of what they claim I owe. He referenced a credit card I haven't had for years and said that if I would just handle this now, it would be better for me.

I informed him he should have no problem providing the proof and documentation my letter requests, if he is legit, he said "we've sent you all the proof, what more can you want?" When I asked what proof they've sent, he said "well, clearly I need you to talk to my supervisor." I informed him there was no need, he'd get my letter, and to stop calling, then I hung up.And there's no way his "supervisor" was going to be anyone other than the guy at the next desk.


This company is a scam. My only debts are from student loans, and those are being paid on time. Don't let this company scam you.


Go online and find a lawyer, service.

They can help get the calls to stop. They helped me.

Also document every call, date time and who you spoke to.also photograph your caller id for every number they call you from.


i moved and received a new phone #, and within this first 2 week period i have received 15 phone calls from this nco financial.when i asked them how they were and why they are calling me they hangup on me.

they are using multiple phone # to contact me. the #'s with an area code i have blocked but the 800 #'s i have no recourse about. help!

i have only had this phone # 2 weeks and no one but my sister has the # as yet.what can i do???


I received 2 days in a row a letter from NCO Financial systems.They say I owe them $ 3,751.

they said the purchased the account to WFNNB. I request my credit reports on line. I don't owe any money to NCO or WFNNB.

What can I do?just ignore them or call them?

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