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My email was recently hacked into and one week later I receive a letter from "NCO Financial" stating that my credit card has been sent to collections. This is the email that I get my online statements sent to; so I called the credit card company.

My account was in good standing with them and it was a scam. I closed my card and they told me to reset all of my passwords. The scary part: in the letter from NCO Financial they have my entire credit account number and the exact amount that was due.

DO NOT send them any money, call your creditors first!!!! Thanks for the previous reviews to let me know this is not legit.

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They hacked my Facebook. :(


Wow the same thing happened to me except my computer was not hacked into , I received a letter and my account was in good standing and my credit card company was shocked that I received the letter and received a few cdalls, beware. when I called NCO they were like oh we updated your account you are in good standing and could not tell me how they got my information.Scam artists!!!!

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