this company repeatedly harasses me by leaving recorded messages on my cell phone. I finally called them back and was transferred between the same 2 recordings about 5 times before I got an actual person. When he checked my reference number, it was not mine, which I already knew. He then quickly said, "Nope. Not yours. I'll change the phone number." Click. He actually hung up on me! The creep!

Not only is this harassment with the phone calls, but they are extremely unprofessional, non apologetic, and have technically challenged phone system, to say the least.

The government should take away their business license!

Review about: Nco Financial Systems Debt Collection.


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Montreal, Quebec, Canada #594971

I can speak for this place having worked there (with terrible hours, as well...no free weekends and workdays are 2pm to 11pm).

It really is a depressing, ghetto, and mindless environment that breeds conflict on the work floor and transgresses onto the people they are calling. This place is a sterile, lifeless, and unchallenging as they come. A couple managers have a little spirit and humor, sure, but otherwise you're looking at an ultra brain-dead "Office Space" environment straight from the film of the same name, except not funny in the least. This place will test your sanity, due to the extremely low work flow resulting in massive boredom, crossed with unnecessarily harsh floor rules that literally trap you in one place - at your cubicle - and punish you for the slightest showing of humanity.

........... Exaggerated? I think not. Try working the Fraud department for Capitol One in Montreal.

When the work flow is slow and there simply are no cases to review (and I mean NONE, not like a few and people are putting them off. NONE), you are not even allowed a book, magazine, pen and paper - ANYTHING - to doodle, read, or otherwise pass the time when there is NO work and NOTHING YOU CAN DO OR BE GIVEN TO DO. Turning to talk to your neighbor? Reprimanded.

Browsing Google search results (the only internet access not blocked)? Reprimanded. More than once and you're written up and sent home. You are literally expected to sit there, stare at your screen, and keep Refreshing your work program in the hopes new work comes in...

which on average, nets you maybe ONE case in a 3 hour window. Again, I've lived this, and am not exaggerating. I never thought I'd work someplace where I actually begged for MORE WORK TO DO!! "What am I supposed to do then??

There is no work coming in!!" numerous workers plea to their managers when yelled at for surfing Google search results (the only loophole luxury on the floor), to which their zombified superiors reply "Keep refreshing in case something comes in"... or "keep calling customers" (who you've already called once for the day and can't leave more than one message for in a 24 hr window)... they don't even know what to say, because there is nothing to say. I'm not a dramatic person but seriously....

all they need are whips and shackles to complete the picture. The newest computer monitor on my floor is from 2002. I checked the barcode. There's also a common war for a good chair to sit in as many are busted, leaning, and stuffing torn out...

Forget about appropriate ergonomics. This place is ghetto as ***. If you'd like to better understand the mammoth amount of civilian complaints against this company that circulate online, regarding annoying calls and harassment, then you need only WORK HERE and see for yourself...


Kaufbeuren, Bayern, Germany #11796

I just stared receiving a call from this company about a debt back in 2000 stating there was a credit card on my name with $6000 balance.I never took out credit card as I had bankruptcy discharged in 1999.

Strangely, even after my bankruptcy, there was fraud activity on my name.Be ware ...

Ooltewah, Tennessee, United States #9144


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