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After being contacted by NCO Financial Systems about a PayPal bill that I am disputing with Northwest Airlines, I will NOT ever give any money to them. I have NEVER before had anyone be so rude, insulting and just generally unprofessional to me.

I am really disappointed in Paypal for using this company. And it's not just one person -- I asked to speak to the supervisor, and he was the same. I asked to speak to his boss, and he was also awful. Unbelievable.

I was told the bill was for "something" I bought on eBay.

I said no, I used Paypal to pay for airline tickets, and then my flights were cancelled.

She said, well if you're just going to lie there's no point in talking to you.


Monetary Loss: $360.

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At any collection agency it is their practice to be "rude" or "rough" to stress urgency in paying your bill. Collection reps are trained to be matter of fact and mean.

Once you start being rude a rep has to snap's not a customer service owe a debt and now you have to have someone hound you to pay it. Not a good look. @ Kristin, your boyfriend should have called them himself. NCO or any agency CANNOT give you information about what they do or why they are calling your boyfriend.

That is 3rd party disclosure and it is ILLEGAL. I would have caught an attitude with you too truthfully. @ ADA, most of the time when you ask to speak to a supervisor most call centers will simply put you on the phone with another rep and even if you do speak to the supervisor they WILL take the side of the rep...almost 99% or the time. Also, a collection agency WILL not accept a payment that is not going to benefit the account or themselves...i.e.

paying 20 bucks on a 5000 account. Not acceptable.


they can't demand that you share info about your boyfriend with them. legally, they must deal with him and him only.

this is specified in the fair credit reporting act.

if they keep calling and demanding info, you can find cease and desist letters re: the fair credit reporting act online. send them certified mail and keep copies of everything.

if they keep contacting you demanding info about your boyfriend's accounts, it's up to $1000 they can be fined per infraction.


I had the exact same experience with the employees of NCO. I worked my way up the chain and each person was ruder than the last. To top it off when I attempted to make payment arrangements, they told me the payment that i was able to afford was not enough and that i should just keep my money rather than to send it's that for good business practice.


They are all very rude. They have been calling my house several times a day and also my work. I am not saying I do not owe the money they can stop the harrassment.


regarding earlier post: the reason they need to wait 3 months to talk to him is because he's at sea. when I told her that she asked for his power attorneys and command info.

go figure.

she wouldn't tell us the name of the company she's calling for, yet expected us to tell her our private info. How dumb does this company think today's consumers are???


wow! unbelievable!

I can't believe nobody has done anything about all the harrassment. They actually just contacted me asking for my boyfriend, saying it has something to do with his payroll. Well, he's in the military and hasn't worked for a private employer for a while. Anyways, I told my boyfriend and he wanted to know who they were.

When I called to ask, the girl was hesitant to give me the company's name. I told her my boyfriend needed to know who they are and who are they calling for (company/employer connected to payroll they are calling about) before he will give them any sort of information. She wouldn't tell me. I told her then in that case she'll just need to talk to him in 3 months.

She told me it would be too late, and then proceded to demand I tell her about his power attorneys and other classified info. When I told her I can't disclose that anything until my boyfriend feels the call is legit, she became rude and started talking fast and loud - first accusing and then yelling at me. And my boyfriend didn't even owe them any money!

I wonder how they expect their harrassment tactics to work??? Maybe all the victims/disgruntalled customers should get together and file a suit/complaint against them!!!

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