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NCO has been harrassing me with an average of at least 1-2 calls every day for the past several days. The first time I was contacted I was *** enough to pick up the phone w/o checking the caller id. It was an automated message which said something like "if you're so and so hold on, if not, hang up."

I won't answer a call from ANYONE unless I know who is calling first. This is a relatively new number, so I've got no idea how they got it. I don't even know what they're calling about. All I know is it's a collection agency and it seems to me that if I owe anything at all, they are required by law to send something to me in writing.

Maybe they're not doing that so I can't dispute it?????

I want them to leave me alone. If these calls persist - and I am on the do not call list for my home number and cell - I will file a lawsuit against them as well as a complaint with the PA Attorney General's office.

By the way, the number they are using is 1-800-735-6588. If I don't pick up the phone, they never leave a message. This is pure harrassment and I will not stand for it.

Even people who fall behind in bills have rights, and what really gets me about this besides the harrassment is that I don't even know what this is about. No one will tell me a thing. No one.

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Hi Diana,

OMG NCO is the worst debt collection company out there. You can actually sue them for harassing you so much.

I work for a law firm that handles these type of cases all the time, free of charge to you.

Please email me for more information.

Thanks :)

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