I am purchasing a new home. My mortgage lender advised me that there was something on my credit report that needed to be cleared up. Unfortunately, that debt collector is NCO.

When I called NCO, they advised me that they would send a fax to my lender stating that the debt should not be on credit report. That was over a month ago. I have called them several times, and have requested this fax be sent three times. The last call being this morning. I was told, by Janell, that they only fax letter's, and can't send letters by US Mail. This is moronic. I wanted the letter to be sent to me, so I could fax it to the lender myself.

I have no clue as to where to turn.

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NCO Financial Systems is a collection agency licensed by the state of Minnesota Department of Commerce. Go to the Deptartment of Commerce website, it might have the information you are looking for.


Go to annualcreditreport.com and dispute the item. I will take 30 days to be removed from the repository, but it will come off with no charge to you.

Also, you may contact your lender and have them contact their CRA and have the tradeline updated. The CRA will contact NCO Financial and if they will report the data to the CRA and then the CRA will report the updates to your lender. It should take about a day.

This is accurate to the T.



corporate office

507 Prudential Road

Horsham, PA 19044


They will not give us their address to send them paperwork. This devision is located in Minnesota - do you have an address for them?


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