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NCO has been harrasing me for months and I refuse to talk to them. My son had an outstanding debt and they called him and offered a settlement in 3 payments.

He took it, paid the first two payments, sent in the final payment and they sent it back saying it could not say final payment on the check. He sent it in again twice with what NCO wanted and they sent it back again then said he was late and voided the agreement. Now there is no record of the two payments made. FRAUD!!

Now they expect me to work with them on a different matter. They refuse to send any proof that the debt was transfered to them. My wife told them several times that she cannot receive calls at her work but they keep calling it. Then they keep trying to scare her with words like we will send the debt back and they will take actions against you.

The guy was a unprofessional and nasty to my wife. I will be dealing with him now and have consulted a lawyer who advises me to ask for everything in writting (they are to provide this as per laws in Pennsylvania) and if they refuse do not deal with them.

I may also be able to sue them for calling my wife at work when they were asked not to. Do not take this *** from this company, they are bound by harrasement laws and are not above the law.

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:sigh The only thing i can say is i know i owe the bill that nco has been calling me about ...but i live with other ppl and they dont say who they are calling for and then start saying this is a debt that u owe ..i had a man who couldnt speak english well at all told me to go out and collect cans ..then to tell me that he knows what my family makes and *** off of them better u owe them instead of us ...i told him nicely at this time im under a doctor care and i cant go to work ive been out of work for 8 months now they call 25 times in a row ..he then proceed to tell me that he can arrest my daughter and grandson and throw them into jail which i laughed at him told him these threats are not going to get me to send u money i dont have if i had a job yes i prolly would not owe this money ..and he told me that they dont accept money orders only checking accounts i told him i would never ever give him my checking account because im not your average *** bear ....and i know the reason y they are calling me so much because the statue of limitations in pa is 4 years and the last payment i gave them was in 2007..so yes they can still call me for payments and yes my credit will probably get a little worst but they will not be able to sue me....and if they were going to sue me they would of done it by now and not wait 4 years later to do so...and im not one of those ppl who claim i dont owe it i know i owe it bt without working i cant pay it... and iwould never ever beleive nco because they told me i can settle for 3 payments of $1200.00...i dont even have that...and if i did i would want something in writing that states are agreement verbal wouldnt do much ...they can do something to lie....so nco will be the last bill i pay...and if they want to sue me i have no car no house...

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