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My wife cosign a loan back in year 2000 for her daughter which she never paid off now here is 2009 and there sending my wife letters saying there going to take action against her in the state of Florida 5 years is how long they can come after you for a bad debt so I don;t understand what they are doing or trying to do I am happy they will never be able to call us as we have no home phone and are mobile numbers we don;t give out outfits like this should be watched all the time for what they do to the consumer's

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The ????? = NCO employee.

Do not pay these freaks a dime. They will not hurt you.

Google NCO and realize that they are a scam. Follow the steps to report them and rest easy.


ok, couple things here, #1 statute of limitations starts 5-10 years from the breech of contact... meaning when her daughter defaulted on the loan is when the statue of limitations starts, if there is any payment made, the statute of limitations resets...

this means they probably have every right to call... second thing is the reason for a cosigner is simple, if the person who origionally took out the loan defaults, the cosigner agrees to take full, and complete responsibility for the bill... should have read the fine print..

third point. i would get in touch with her daughter VERY quickly and get her to set up some sort of an arrangement, if the bill is getting close to the statue of limitations, they are likely to file a judgement aginst your wife, if this happens, then the statute of limitations renews, and the time frame on a judgement is 21 years, instead of 5-10 with a signed contract.

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