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NCO Financial Systems called us nearly every weekday for about one month with the following automated message: "Hello, this is an important message from NCO Financial Systems, a debt collection company. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Please return the call to Mr. Roberts at 866-826-1496. When calling, please refer to code UFB487." This message never asked for us by name nor did it go into specific detail about what this debt was for, who we owed it to or how much. We have no past due bills and we received nothing in writing from NCO or any other company.

One day, I got so sick of it (I actually had a migraine which always comes with a bad mood swing.) I picked up the phone, said a prayer and dialed the above number. I was given an excuse as to why I couldn't speak to Mr. Roberts and the guy on the phone asked me if I was calling from the same number which NCO called me. I said, "What number did you call?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "You don't know?

How could you call the same number for a month and not know what number you're calling? What are these calls about?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "I want this to stop." He said, "We're going to keep calling you, Ma'am." My eyes widened, I took a deep breath and screeched into the phone, "I want this to stop right now! I think you people are a bunch of identity thief scammers! Don't you ever, ever call my house again..." I went on for about ten minutes and by the time I was done, my throat was rattling, my hands were shaking and the guy on the other end had hung up.

(I believe that was the beginning of the answer to my prayer.) I then contacted the New York State attorney general's office and Lemberg & Associates. They were both very helpful and it didn't cost us a dime. NCO has not bothered us since. Don't be intimidated by them and don't give them any personal information.

(If they were collecting a legitimate debt, they'd have all the info.

already.) Don't send them any money if they haven't sent you any proof that you actually owe this money. A collections agency cannot repeatedly call you and not tell you specifically what they're collecting, who they're collecting it for and how much.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #705559

I personally do work in collections and they actually followed what is called FDCPA correctly, by new york state law you can be called as many times in one as needed, you can call one number 3 times in a day but on the 3rd time you have to leave a message. Most companies send out an automated message so when you call back in they dont actually know the number because we call millions of number everyday.

We go call to call literally with very limited time in between to write what happened on the account notes. We also can not give out any information unless we know for sure we are talking to the right party because how would you like it if someone called in claiming to be you and then we gave them all of your private information. Yes I will admit that sometimes as a collector we can have a tone of voice come off or seem like we have a bad attitude but also look where we work. We have people yelling at us like you said you did all day everyday.

Some of dont really have a choice with where we work because we are just trying to make money and pay our bills and get by in life. We have to verify your name and last 2 or 4 numbers of a ssn so that we know we are talking to the right person. im sorry you had a bad experience but not everyone that works at NCO are bad people.

Some people are actually trying to help you. You cant judge a worldwide company that has billions of people working for it off of one *** bad phone call.


I just received the same call. It is the first one and I don't owe anyone money. Man I hate dealing witn this nonsense.


Thank you for posting your experience and spreading the word. We just got a call very similar to the one you posted and I wanted to double check the legitimacy of the call.

Like your call, they didn't give any information on what debt they're collecting on.

We also just newly got a landline for our home and have never given the number out to anyone, so it was strange that some "debt" collecting agency was calling that number in the first place. The male voice recording spewed out some phone number to return its call from NCO Financial System, then some ID number (b83209), and then to call for someone called "Milton Wright." Yeah, ok, I don't think so.


I too am getting twice daily phone calls. When I try to call the number, it rings then disconnects.

Found their consumer assistance number online: (866) 545-9262. Called them, they only handle business accounts, not debt collections. But they gave me another number to call: (877) 322-8655. Called this number, they did a search of the phone number in their records and found nothing and told me they would put me on their do not call list.

Told me if I receive anymore calls to call (800) 550 9619.

Hopefully these calls will stop now.. posting here so maybe all others will finally get some relief from these folks.

to frustratedtoo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #590524

Its crazy how some people get online to look up others post the company is not s joke if you think so maybe you should fill out the employment application. if you return a call and you call back screaming that helps nothing.

every job has protocols. thy have to verify name and phone number and last four of ssn # besides if it isn't you what do you have to lose they have all the information anyway they just need to verify they are speaking to the correct person before giving out your business to the world then you would really be mad.

i would be nice to people that have my personal information. Just saying


Go to credit or consult an attorny that deals with the fair credit act. They are not allowed to harras you and you might even win a settlement for them harrassing you.

I did and won. Good luck

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