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I am having a very similiar experience, I am currently working for NCO, & have been for the past 2 1/2 yrs., much to my dismay. The market is so bad I am having a difficult time finding employment elsewhere, so I must put up with their unprofessional antics.

I am a professional & have been working for 47 yrs., I am being treated like an ***, they are using my expertise at a fraction of the salary I am acclimated to getting & there is zero appreciation for my yrs of experience & expertise. Their business practices are poor & their management team less than desirable.

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First, I'm sorry to hear what has been done to all of you. Second, I had some apartment managers who focused on harassing me for being God.

When I moved out, they fabricated a lie that I had damaged their apartment even though I spent hours scrubbing everything there and of course did not damage their apartment.

So I keep getting calls from NCO hucking me to pay for damage I didn't do. When I told them I am God and had not damaged these horribel people's apartment, they told me to pay up.

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