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today i received a letter about an account that i settled in the spring of 2007 with NCO. it was for an account for my husband. the amount was settled for just under $40.00 dollars less than the original debt was.

I called the number on the invoice and was sitting there listening to a ringing phone for a 1/2 hour. I should have hung up after the first two min but, i really wanted someone to answer the phone so i could tell someone off. when i got someone on the line,i gave him the account # and he'd told me to hold while he looked up the account and the SOB hung up on me. i had to call back again!!

now i ask you what kind of company doesn't answer a phone for a 1/2 hour and then hangs up? especially one that seems to want money so badly?i called back again and got a very nice woman who was very understanding to my complaint as well as why i was so irate.

come to find out i was being charged the remainder from the settlement that was already paid. i clearly stated that i would not pay it!! if a debt is settled it disappears! am i right?!?

i have read quite a few of the complaints left on here by employees, they also need to understand that as debtors we know we have the debt. we realize it needs to get paid but the problem with this is that we do not need 2-3 calls a day nor do we need a letter in our mailboxes 3-5 times a week!!

so many talk about how we are so rude as debtor but why inform us that the calls will not cease until the debt is paid?!!! we already know that, we can't afford to pay the debt when you want it, we aren't idiots!!! (my family's) personal debts will get paid as i can pay them. not as you bark orders for them.if i tell you i don't have the money i just don't have the money!!! i will pay when i do. rather than call repeatedly every week, or send multiple letters every week how's monthly or bi monthly sound?

i know that some of you collectors out there have gotten behind at one point or another. so you know what it's like to have to pay something and not have the money to do so!!! i have gotten so much attitude form so many nco employees giving thema return attitude has pretty much come natural to me. i used to be really nice to them. now, i wait to see how nice they are. but that is starting to bother me too now because in the snap of a finger they gofrom being so heavenly to something that the devil spit into the world!!!! what's with that!?!?

before you as a collector go judging us the debtors, think about how many of you coworkers have already called us before you got to our number. think abouthow many letters we may have got from your company that week or even that month. we aren't directing the attitude directly at the collector it is intended to the company. the company is the one that has to come up with a new game plan!!


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