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I decided to keep track of how many times a month they call here . They have so many numbers they call from right now I have blocked out five numbers so far.In one month they called here 160 times .

They on id caller Nco , Nco Finacial, not available with phone and not available no phone number. All have left messages on my answering machine from Nco.My wife couldn't take anymore so I had a block put on my phone.Yesterday no calls today they found two more numbers to use so I blocked them this afternoon.

They always trying to get to you. I have been sick since December 2007 and they have been told many times I don't have the money they don't care

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amen robert... no need to say anything else...


The only advice that I would have for you is to make some type of a payment arrangement with the company. The first thing I always ask when a debtor tells me they have no money is what income did you bring in and I calculate the debt/income ratio and make arrangement based on what the debtor has left.

I think it is only fair to request payment of 50.00 a month for people on social assistance or disability. I alos find alot of times when you do income profiles the db mysteriously adds on mre debt I mean the bottomline is if you want the calls to stop then you need start sending some money or you can always wreck your credit up to 7 years and file bankruptcy.

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