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Call...(800) 668-3247 for FREE legal help to stop the calls! NCO took money out of my account without my authoriztion!

DO NOT give them your bank account #'s. I just talked with this FREE legal service in PA and they are going to help STOP NCO Financial. Even though I am paying EVERY month early on this bill and I have NEVER been late once they are harrassing me. LEGALLY they cannot do this.


The make NCO pay the legal fees so the cost to you is absolutely FREE and you can get help to stop them.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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NCO took ALL of my tax refund, federal and state, this year without notifying me before or after! The day before i was scheduled to receive my tax refund, i had a conversation with a rep from NCO, confirming my monthly automatic debit from my checking account for payment.

He did not say anything to me about my taxes being taken from me.

I had my taxes done at h&r block - they had no idea this was taking place either! Does anyone have any contact info that could help me?


NCO Financial contacted me concerning an unpaid debt. I pay all my bills on-time and I have not missed a bill.

A computer animated voice warned a call may be recorded and a representitive spoke. Can I have your date of birth for verification.

I said, "No you can not, I do not know you." Before I had finished the sentence the representitive said oh thats ok and hung up without the cortesy of saying goodbye or offering me other options. The representitive never told me what was logged againts me.

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