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NCO Financial. I did not realize that this situation of so many calls was happening to so many people.

I checked my credit report to see if I had an

outstanding debt, I called the number they left,(they were closed)Which tells me that they are located in the East Coast.

I am in the Pacific Islands.I figured it was my grandson who left me a debt (same last name).

But, I can 't get any response or information. So, I'll just put my phone on answering mode,turn off the ringer, and ignore them, while I make a written complaint to the proper agencies.

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I sent a validation letter to NCO for an old payday loan from QC Holdings (Quik Cash)for $570. Just got a letter yesterday claiming the account has been closed in their office.

If they can't prove the debt, they don't have a leg to stand on in court. :grin


More and more people who don't owe anything seem to be getting harrassed by these creeps. The problem is that though the ftc has been fairly diligent with them a) not enough people report their *** b) fines, even big ones, are a drop in the bucket compared to what they're racking in because c) too many people roll over and give them money.

so what to do

a) write complaint letters like the other posters here

b) include criminal enforcement (police, DA's Atty's General) with the complaints

c) Write whoever they claim to be collecting for and tell them you will NOT EVER do business with them if they condone this behaviour. (cc this letter to whoever regulates that business type i.e. The SEC for banks/most lenders). Chances are that the originator will cut NCO loose and claim to know nothing of it.

d) If you think you might owe something, ALWAYS request proof at least 70-80% of the time you don't owe THEM anything, 100% of the time you owe less then what they are requesting.

e) All mail to NCO is certified return receipt ONLY. Dealers choice on the other mail.

Let's get these bastards behind bars where they belong. Happy hunting!


I have just printed my letters as well.

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