They somehow got MY bank account information and took money for a bill they said was owed by my son! He doesn't even have any bad debt and neither do I but somehow they got money from my account.

Luckily I have a great bank and they credited me the money back into my account. I have been trying to get someone from NCO on the phone - what a joke that is. But I am pretty persistent so they WILL eventually hear from me - one way or another.

And be careful, because your other creditors, and I mean the ones you pay on time every month, SHARE your information. Mine was shared by one of the big utility companies - NCO got my bank account numbers through them!

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NCO lives on the default judgement. Get a lawyer if you can......but don't pay NCO and switch banks.


this is crazy. money can't be taken out of your bank account unless a judgment has been decided against you - meaning that you would have had to not pay the debt to NCO for a long time, then be served or notified you were being sued and told where to appear. then you should have been notified of the judgment before the funds were garnished.

there has been a major, MAJOR breach of privacy here and, given the statute of limitations isn't out, you have a ridiculously huge lawsuit on your hands. a utility company CAN NOT give your banking info out without your consent. wages cannot be taken out without some kind of judgment.

talk to a lawyer!!


how on earth would they get the information.. are you sure it wasnt your son???

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