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My husband was a Marnie, and had a military credit card (star card). Things got busy as we moved back home & he forgot to pay his bill.

We had no idea the debt went NCO, & how bad things were.. We were excited about the stimulus, & let down when we found out these jerks took it from us. They are almost paid off, & we haven't had nearly as bad of luck as others I have found on this site, but they screwed my & my family out of our stimulus with no warning.

I am not saying my husband shouldn't be held responsible for not taking care of business, but shouldn't we have received some sort of notice that they were taking mine & my daughter's money, not just his money fro our income taxes. How is that practice right?

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Murrieta, California, United States #788649

am starting this website based in recent information I have obtained throughout my own investigation of AAFES collection procedures. I am not going to lie I owed AAFES 3500 dollars when I exited the military on June 30th 2009 there is no shame that I understood that I owed them money.

I could not pay AAFES anything because I did not have a job and my only income is disability I originally did not know how to pay them so I knew that they would garnish my tax returns until the amount was paid off. This year 2014 is when something smelled wrong to me since I have paid off my balance of 3500 dollars over the past 4 years with interest , I was surprised when I received another letter from the IRS telling me they are taking my tax reruns again. I started researching what was going on after I spoke to AAFES and the third party collection company that AAFES uses called NCO collections. AAFES told me my balance was still 3900 dollars I was floored, I thought maybe they were not updated on what I have paid over 4 years.

I called AAFES two times because I thought there had to be some mistake AAFES told me no there was no mistake, I asked aafes how can this be possible they informed me that I was accruing 10.4% interest then I asked how much interest is this every month I was told 48 dollars and this included fee and penalties. When you add this up it only totaled 576 interest that i owed them so this made sense for the extra 450 that was added on I assumed again they did not have anything updated on what I have paid them again i was told no I still owe ALL of the money and the extra 450 dollars. I was given the number to NCO Collections I called this company and I was told that AAFES fee is not 10.4% AAFEs actually charges 19% interest upon talking to a representative I asked " how much do I owe?" I was told that I owed AAFES $4900 I was absolutely SHOCKED. How can AAFES charge over a 1000 dollars a year in interest, the number don't add up..I am here trying to collect stories about what happened to you I have been reading websites and I am not the only one, one story this guy said he owed 3000 dollars and AAFEs has taken his taxes for 6 years and now he owes 10000 dollars.

There are basically two open balances one for 3900 from safes and one from NCO collection for 4900 yet i get latters saying they are collecting on behalf of AAFES despite i have paid AAFES over 4000 dollars over the 4 years. :(


Mad Dog - AAFES intercepted the "check" before it got to you. AAFEs files a proof of debt with the IRS, any tax refund first goes to AAFES (up to the amount owed), and you get the remainder (if any).

We're in the same boat as BabyGirl; I sent a huge check which AAFES cashed last week, and this week they sent the remaining amount due (only $100!) to NCO. I am trying to pay AAFES directly, so far to no avail. The interest builds the whole time so it can't hurt to just send a check to AAFES and hope it's enough. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT deal with NCO Financial (ironic name, no?) - often NCOFin never records receipt of your payment, or they'll make up new fees, or they'll demand more than what they agreed to settle for.

They also refuse to put anything in writing, which is a bad sign. Try like *** to deal with AAFES, at least they put things in writing.


:( they did the same thing to us, after aafes telling me that I was opening an extension of my husband's milstar account in my name, they never sent me statements. So while my hubby was in Iraq for 15 1/2 months with the army, I was under the impression that when I paid on our account 100, it was covering both.

I finally received a statment after 3months that they were sending it to collections, and only after 3months of missed payments. I called and told them the issues and after being transferred several times with noone wanting to help me they told me my address was wrong in the system and that was why I never received statements in the mail. So I asked them to just transfer it out of collections so that I could finally pay on it as we have done on time with our other star card and they said there was nothing that they could do. BS...

When I called NCO they were very rude and my once 2500 debt, the limit was only 3000, had gone to 3200 just from being transferred to their collection agency. when I tried to set up payments with them they refused and said only that they would accept the full amount and nothing less. Well I was still disputing the charge with Aafes and the BBB, and was not about to pay the full amount! Over the course of a year I got the runaround and was always told you need to talk to aafes to get this out of collections, but when I talked to Aafes I was told that they had it no longer in their system, and that they couldnt do anything about it.

Back and forth i went, in between moving, my husband's ETS and another move, they still refused to work with us. So this year they took 4000, from our tax refund without so much as a word. My husband is a disabled veteran and this is the treatment he gets from a company that claims to serve the military, they are a horrible rip off and scam artists and should be exposed! so after they took our taxes, thinking they took the full amount of the so called debt as so the letter we gpt a month later stated, we received another call from NCO saying that we still owed them money!!!!

I called last week and was told by a very rude man that they had left 51.00 on the account and it was due. Well my husband is unemployable at the moment and we are only receiving a small disability check and are barely scraping by as it is. I told the man sorry but we don't get paid until the following week so I cant pay it until then. He then told me well if you dont pay it now you will accrue 27 dollars in fees , that much just for a week?!!!!!

Ridiculous!!! and when I asked them why they left that much on the account after taking 4000, and there was enough to cover the full debt from our taxes, he said he didnt know, maybe it was interest from the time they sent the letter to the IRS and then when it was paid, so your telling me that in less than a month; cause we filed in at the end of january and we received our taxes 9 days later, that we accrued 51 dollars in interest???? This company is such a scam and should not be able to do this, there should be laws against this type of inflated interest!! Especially when I have repeatedly tried to work this debt out and pay what we could being as we have fallen on hard times!!!

All the other creditors that we have, have done so, but the one debt that is through the military won't?!! There is something extremely wrong with that picture!!!!!


NCO didnt take the money from the stimulus check--AAFES did. I know because they took mine and my tax return.

But NCO is trying to get more from me than what I owe AAFES and their disrespectful reps hung up on me twice. When I get my letter from AAFES clearing me of debt Im suing NCO.

. .

Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand #51615

Hi did they take check from checking account? then they had to have a judgement against you, you should have been served papers from a court in your county, with a court date to appear.

if they levied account without a judgement or without you recieving notice of court date, get an attorney and sue the (bad word here)out of them. check with hubby to make sure he was not hiding info from you, us guys tend to do that :sigh

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