I think the debt collector asked for way to many questions even though i paid the debt in full. and on top of that the *** eight dollar trans action fee, i think you guys make enough money as it is.

The lady on the phone acted like she didn't care about what i had to say. Your company *** and the goverment should go after pieces of *** like you. get some real employees, that woman i talked to was very rude.

once more this is no way i know of to contact you over the phone. Your company can kiss my ***!!

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To ?????~

There is nothing "normal" about these people at NCO. They are rude, uncouth, classless bottom feeders.

There is no need to speak to people in the manner they do when good honest people are trying to the best of their abilities to repay debt. Circumstances arise in life that make it difficult to keep finances straight or perhaps life's curveballs change priorities.

I believe that all employess of this worthless company should be required to take classes for compassion. Not everything is as "black and white" as you're trying to make it...


ok... so... first of all without pieces of **** like that, 3/4 of the buisneses you know and love would be out of business. collection agencies put back over $100billion every year into those companies. you would be complaining more if your credit card apr was 50% because the credit card companies were charging you for the unpaid bills of others.

sometimes the collectors ask the questions, because some people are not in a position to pay off the bill, and it is their job to try to help the consumer find some money every month to get the bill taken care of. same as trying to qualify for a loan...

so dont be too mad... they are just doing their job.. and they are normal people just like you trying to make a living and feed THEIR families.

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