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I am a disabled veteran and I keep getting these calls in the evening..between 5 and 9pm, almost every day.asking for someone I don't even know..I have called repeatedly and explained that this person is unknown to me..They tell me that they are removing my number from their database..but the harrassing calls continue. I have a perfect credit rating and my number is a private number so they have no reason to call me.

This is extremely irritating as I take my treatment between these hours everyday and sometimes these calls interfer with it. I have called the company directly and explained and they just persist in irritating me for no reason..actually on the last call I received I was so frustrated I used a few 4 letter words..They told me that their lines were recorded and that they were going to play the phone recording to the telephone company and have my phone turned off for 90 days..Lets see them try..who are these aholes

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Make a complaint to the FTC - Federal Trade Commission. You can do it online.


This company keeps calling me and asking for someone I breifly knew 21 years ago on the other side of the country. I ask them to leave me alone and they keep calling - they are rude.


The number that calls is 206-629-8625 and the caller ID is BCPF. Breast Cancer Prevention Fund.

Is this false because it comes back to NCO and who is that at 206. FORTUNATELY I have a talking phone and it's no big deal. This country needs to make laws to get rid of these creeps.

Oh Well we have DELETE and Talking caller ID. It's their waste.

Templestowe Lower, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #51653

I have an old student loan from 01 with them. I called today trying to settle this debt.

I had in the past tried to work out a payment plan, but they would hear nothing of it. They would not work with me and would not settle on the original loan amout...They told me they had to collect interest and late fees on top of loan. With all of these complaints and lawsuits that have been brought before them, how are these people allowed to stay in business. I am surprised the Atty.

General allows this type of harrasment by these people.

They at one point made comment to my financial situation by saying I did not need to get divorced, and that I did not need to have other kids!! I am trying to take care of this the only way I can...and yet the way the economy is they refuse to give in to a reasonable settlement.


Just hang up on these ***.

They will ATTEMPT to intimidate and threaten you and your relatives but just ignore them and hang up.

If they persist, which they will, you need to file a complaint with your State Attorney Office and the FTC.

Also, change your phone number, make it unlisted, and DO NOT let the phone company charge you for changing your number due to harassing phone calls from these ***.


They cant have your phone turned off. They are really bastards!!

I am having the same problem with NCO. They call but never tell me who they are. If I answer they tell me who they want and then I tell them everytime that I dont know them and I would like them to quit calling.

Then they call again. Today I was finally fed up and I told them to quit because it was against the law for them to keep calling and the guy laughed at me and then told me 'just go get.---(the guys name who they are looking for)"

JERKS ERRR :eek :upset

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